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Random Shot

Random Shot wines are just as the name implies, “A Random Shot is one that is not directed or aimed at anything or anyone in particular”. These wines are made for being delicious, fruit driven and quality cool climate wines, and not made for anyone in particular.

Winemaker Renae Hirsch is capable of bringing fruit from the Padthaway wine region to life. Padthaway is known for its rich soil – Terra Rossa over Limestone. This when combined with ample water supply, Mediterranean climate and coastal influences make Random Shot wines refreshingly unique.
A Random Shot wine is best shared with friends, capturing a Random moment no one has planned. These are a wine to share over an unexpected catch up, an impromptu dinner or a night of endless laughs. Far from a shot in the dark, random shot wines are lightly oaked and fruit driven perfect for drinking now.

“A region that punches above its weight. This is still youthful yet takes in savoury flavours of liquorice, boot polish and varnishy oak.“ Jane Faulkner – Wine Companion (Random Shot Shiraz. Published 01 August 2020)


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