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Bickley, Western Australia

The Packing Shed

Boutique Distillery & Winery in the heart of the Bickley Valley

Lawnbrook Estate, better known as The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook, is a beautiful
10 acre property located in the heart of the Bickley Valley established in 1896. 
The land was originally developed as an orchard for citrus fruit due to the high subsoil

water supply and over the years, has also been used to farm daffodils and strawberries.

The Packing Shed Distilling Co released their first gin in mid-2021. Lawnbrook Citrus Gin
is a bright and zesty gin with estate grown oranges to delight the tastebuds.  Citrus driven
with a lingering herbaceous tang of caraway and a blend of delicious botanicals, it is simple yet
with the ability to transport you to the hammock under dappled light on a Summer’s Day. 

Lawnbrook Citrus Gin pays homage to the pioneer Albert Charles Russell Loaring (ACR)
who founded Lawnbrook and was acknowledged as a successful and innovative orchardist


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