Leefield Station

Leefield Station


Leefield is much more than a vineyard – it’s a playground. A historic beef & sheep station, Leefield lies in the southern, upper reaches of the Waihopai Valley.

Leefield Station is a range of wines that celebrate the history of the iconic sheep and beef station located in the heart of the Waihopai Valley. Purchased in 2013 by Marisco Vineyards, the property inspired us to go back to the beginning with our winemaking approach. Defined by their authenticity, these wines embody the rustic charm and vibrant flavours that Marlborough is known for.

They are developing substantial vineyards, but most of the 2300ha property will continue to run as a livestock farm.

So far, 400ha of the property has been converted into vineyards, with 250ha more planned over the next few years. Leefield is primarily planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while they are looking at specific spots where they can trial some other varieties.

Large parts of Leefield comprise of a glacial valley filled with mineral-rich soil and beautiful rolling foothills. The area has consistently high diurnal differences, coupled with a complex diversity of soil types and mesoclimates. 

They harvested the first light crop of Leefield grapes in 2015, and it gave every indication of meeting their high expectations of this exceptional vineyard site.