Wilde Beer


WILDE. Better beer – naturally. 
FODMAP friendly cert. 
Coeliac Aus endorsed.
Sugar-free. Preservative-free.
WILDE Gluten-Free Beers!

Koala Beer Pty Ltd was founded upon the premise that beer should not only taste great, it should also be a clean natural product, free of synthetic additives, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide residues. Koala Beer aims to provide desirable peace of mind for the growing number of health conscious and environmentally aware consumers who demand ‘green’ products. 

Beer is usually made from barley and/or wheat. Australian Koala Beer Pty Ltd, has had a technical breakthrough with alternative grains that do not contain gluten, to produce a quality Gluten Free beer at a reasonable price.

WILDE tastes like normal beer! It is a cloudy beer with live yeast, a residue is normal and can vary with age due to the natural, continuing, brewing processes in the bottle. Bottle-conditioned just like a Coopers, WILDE is not filtered or pasteurized and is preservative free.