Long Rays


Carefully crafted for your way of life

Savouring a good drink should always be an occasion. That’s why we create drinks you will want to reach for time and time again.

Infused with natural ingredients for great taste with less sugar, our range puts a refreshing new spin on the classics. It’s all the fun of a great drink, without compromise.

Born under the Australian sun

We created Long Rays to capture the essence of a golden afternoon in a bottle. Great moments like these are simple, so we keep our drinks simple too by sourcing premium ingredients and treating them with respect.

By keeping things natural, we don’t hide behind artificial flavours and sugar. So we take our time to get every drink just right. This process is all about balance, because even though we mix sublimely well with top-shelf Australian spirits, our drinks also delight your taste buds just as they are. We’re not just about happy hour – we’re for happy days.

Distillers and bartenders call us the best support act a good spirit can have. That makes us proud as punch, because we work closely with them to complement what they do. Try us to taste the difference.

The Range includes: