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beer first. no shortcuts.


It was always a dream of the founders, Jaz & Grant, to make beer for a living. In 2012 (after a few beers) they decided to quit their days jobs, jump on a plane to the USA, buy a 20 year old motorhome and hit the burgeoning USA Craft Beer trail. They discovered every nook and cranny of the beer world for six months, brewing, talking, cleaning, and yes, drinking a lot of beer (tough). They returned home to the sunny beaches of Sydney with a thirst to brew the very best beer in Australia, with the first pint being poured in 2014.We are larrikins at heart, but when it comes to our Modus Operandi (Latin for Method of Operation), Beer First, No Shortcuts, this is where we get real.


Using absolutely no preservatives, the finest specialty malts and hops sourced from all over the globe, 100% Green Energy powering our brewery and constantly innovating, allows this independent, family owned brewery to bring you some of the most awarded beers in Australia.

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