MONTY’S LEAP is a small piece of paradise under the wing of the powerful Southern Ocean. Nature created a precious north-facing parcel of rich rare red earth nestled along the warming waters of the ancient Kalgan River. Since 1831, generations of farming families have been quick to see the amazing potential in the upper reaches of the Kalgan. New custodians Michelle Gray and Phil Shilcock have enlisted one of Australia’s foremost winemakers, Rob Diletti and experienced viticulturist Ray Williams to deliver wines from the deep south of the Great Southern. Phil and Michelle viewed the property on a day cruise on the Kalgan River, At the time, they noted the healthy vines, beautiful riverside location, and great views. Commenting that the owners were fortunate to call it home. Little did they know fifteen years later they would take the leap and make it their own.


Booze Pays The Bills